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Why From Us?

Why should you buy from Stone Concept?

Constant quality control

Because we try to meet all quality requirements. Since it is a natural raw material, the quality is constantly changing, so we check all incoming goods.

Premium quality and affordable prices

Because we are direct importers, we can keep our prices low. Our company is connected to several mines and manufacturers, so we can always deliver premium quality on time

Huge inventory

Because we work with a huge selection and stock. We have more than 7,000 sqm of continuous stock of only Travertine stone materials, and new shipments arrive on a weekly basis.

Workshop production

Because we also carry out individual processing in our own workshop. We manufacture window sills, fence covers, stairs or any other custom-sized material on short notice.


Because we don't just sell. We help with planning, the design and selection of the stone covering, we can recommend a contractor, excipient materials, and we can deliver the selected product to any part of the country.